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How to

What version do I need for my replay?

It is advisable to first check what game client version you actually need. This can be done by using some text editor/lister.

Preferable method is via some view/F3 functionality of your File manager of choice. If you don't have any such tools, the good old Notepad can help you - even if it is a crude and slow method.

Open the .replay file, you should see something like this:

{"playerVehicle": "usa-A130_Super_Hellcat", "clientVersionFromXml": "World\u00a0of\u00a0Tanks v. #307"

There is also a small ammount of "junk" in front of the useful bit. However, the interesting part is the clientVersionFromXml key and it's value. Which in this case indicates that the replay was recorded using client version #307 - and that is the version you need to download.

In case there isn't an exact version match available, try the nearest one and hope for the best - earlier versions were usually more tolerant in this regard.


Downloads are made available via torrents.

If you don't have your own preferred torrent client yet, you can use one of these free and/or open source ones:

Please steer clear of the official BitTorrent client and uTorrent these days (and also other fishy clients).


When you finish downloading the contents of the torrent, it will be most probably compressed using 7-zip (as it offers the best compression ratio).

If you don't have any preferred application to decompress 7-zip files, please use the official one.

Warning: Do not overwrite your current version, extract the files to a new folder.

Running the game

The compressed clients do not need any form of installation. Just drag & drop the replay on the WorldOfTanks.exe file. Be sure that the replay & client version match.

If you have a large number of replays from different versions, it is best to store them in a seperate folder that includes the exact version and build number in it's name, e.g. or something similar.

However, unless you are a replay hoarder you do not need this :) If you are, you most likely already have your system.